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You gotta look sharp when drivin' with the top down

when your dog drives a better car than you

Dog grooming on a whole new other level

Fashionable doggie doos in Taiwan are taking dog grooming to a whole new other level. Watch...




He's there. It took me forever to find him. If you're running out of patience, see below to find the answer:


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He's right here:

An Irresistible Meatball in Clothes

When Lisa Reilly saw a furrrst glimpse of ‘Meatball’ aka Meaty online, she knew he was ‘the one’. Here is Meaty below in his pjs and bomber jacket!

Lisa rescued Meaty from Fresno Bully Rescue and lives happily together with Punky and Ricardo (two other rescued pit bulls) and dachshunds Bitty and Dappe. 

Meaty has been beefin' up smiles and melting hearts and making friends online, with an amazing 46,000+ followers on Instagram.

Cookin' up dog clothes since 07'

We've been cookin' up dog fashion since 2007 and now it's time to expand our dog buns. We welcome you to our GRAND OPENING of our new website along with Halloween costumes, fall fashion and things that make you go bling. Sign up for our newsletter for all the juicy gossip and sizzling grill-mark down specials!

Welcome to the Grand Opening!

Welcome to the grand opening of Frank and Beanz™ new website and dog fall fashion. Being in business since 2007, we wanted to expand our fashion even further. There is so much in store for you and your pup to experience.

Check out our new Toasty Nest Crochet line from Halloween crochet dog costumes, fall and winter dresses along with cozy sweaters and designer dog scarves. Each of these new items are hand-made with soft acrylic yarn, made to order and high quality that's made in the USA by Frank and Beanz™.

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