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Returns and Exchanges

I'm here to give you the happiest shopping experience for you and your pet(s) which is the reason why I am in this business. And that's not just a lot of fluff! My jewelry pieces are handmade with creativity, quality and care. From adorable toys, accessories, clothing down to packaging are carefully chosen and designed so that you have confidence in my brand.

We all heard the term "Mistakes Happen" right? So let me just get real. Perfection is unrealistic. On very rare occasions mistakes, imperfections, shipping delays or damaged goods etc occur. But leaving a 1 star review doesn't at times need to be the immediate reaction. I get it, "I should get what I paid for!!". True, but hear me out. It's what we as sellers do next in sticky situations that makes or breaks a stellar or bad review.

Not listening to an unhappy customer without a solution is what deserves a low grade. At my boutique, customer service is the heartbeat of my operation. I am transparant and honest when I do business. If for any reason you did not receive a 5 star experience, please, before leaving a bad review, give me a chance in making it right. I am diligent and pro-active in finding a solution to most problems as I want all customers to have the perfect shopping experience. If measurement is an issue I am very fair. I leave measurement charts, in depth information on sizing, custom guides on how to measure and an open invitation to email me with any questions you have. I am transparent in my refunds and return policy so there are no surprises.

NECKLACE POLICY - FOR THE LOVE OF FRIES AND APPLE PIES, guys PLEASE make sure to measure your pet's neck size before ordering. I know it's tempting to just go off of an old collar you found under the bed 10 years ago but its best to measure your BFF. If you need the measurement adjusted because it fits in between sizes, leave me the custom size at the checkout.

If the necklace needs to be readjusted because you mistakenly ordered the wrong size or you didn't measure cause the measuring tape is at grandmas, no worries, there's a solution to this. Just return the undamaged jewelry and the jewelry will be readjusted. Easy-peasy. The readjustment fee of $15 will be your tab to cough up. I know you don't want to hear that so I encourage you to measure. If it's a gift for someone and you don't know the size of their pet, you'll have to somewhat spill the beans. Just say you need their pets measurements because you saw some turtlenecks on sale. Maybe I'll think of something better...

Sorry but you can't use these necklaces as an every day collar or attach a leash so your pup can pull you around in a sled. These necklaces are your pups treasures and should only be used on special occassions. Birthdays, The Oscars, Weddings, all the Holidays, absolutely! Just make sure you watch your pet while wearing jewelry. You don't want FiFi chomping on what she thinks is necklace candy. GULP!

NECKLACES/ACCESSORIES- If items you received came damaged, send me a photo (photobomb yourself if you'd like) and message me what happened. I gladly replace!
If Fluffy wore her necklace and got into a back alley fight with the neighbors kitty and pearls and diamonds went everywhere, then I am sorry I can't allow a refund.
All necklaces and personalized necklaces are custom & made to order. Therefore these cannot be refunded.

ALL OTHER ITEMS such as clothing, hats and toys- If you simply just changed your mind and would like a refund, I totally understand. You have within 14 days to return the item in its original packaging with NO damage. The shipping cost and a restocking fee will be your responsibility. If it was sent with damages to the items then a refund will not be allowed.
If Fluffy wore the dress at the quinceañera and rolled around in hot sauce, then I am sorry I can't allow a refund.

USPS are slow at the moment due to high volume and understaffed. So please be patient, especially out of the country. If you are needing your order by a certain date, I would suggest upgrading the shipping option to USPS Priority Mail.
By shipping First Class Mail, there is no insurance so therefore if packages get lost it will not be at the risk of buyers and I cannot refund for the packages lost from the Post Office. Priority Mail does include insurance which is highly suggested when you have orders over $50.
PLEASE NOTE: I ship orders to the address provided. If you accidentally send it to Disneyland and the item gets returned, you will be responsible for reshipping fee. I will not be responsible for items shipped to wrong addresses.

So enough about boring rules and policies....

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