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Customer Photos

Here's where all the cowboys gone... 

Ride 'em cowboy hats from the Sher-ruff Stan Cowboy Dog Hat Collection.


A field of lavender below my head...

Roxie strikes a pose with her Lavender Cream PupCakes Cozy Crochet Dog Dress.


Cowgirls don't cry...

This cowgirl cutie shows off her hat from the Sher-ruff Stan Cowboy Dog Hat Collection.


Too cool for school!

This popular doggie is way too cool for school in her Apples & Butterscotch – School Girl Dog Dress & Dog Coat.


Home of the freeeeee, yeah!

From the mountains... to the prairies... to the oceans... in these Buck-Arooohh Bob Blue Denim Jeans Dog Overalls.


Molly Ringwald move over...

This pretty pooch stands out in the cool air in her Reba Rhubarb Fleece Pink Dog Dress.


Yogi Dog? 

Expecting a bear? Sorry. This "Yogi" is better dressed in his Red Argyle Dog Shirt.


2018 is "Year of the Dog" 

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2018 is the Year of the Dog, which is why I'm wearing my traditional Kimono


I love the smell of winter!

I look so cool while staying comfortably warm in my Marshmallow Ski Jacket!


2 Fast... 2 Furry!

Nobody outruns me while I have on this Fast & Furrious Gear and Petallica collar!


He's such a gentleman!

This dapper little dude is ready for a classy night with his Bentley Beanzie Bow Tie Collar

Fifty Shades of Grey Fur...

"Rocket" of Las Vegas, NV, is sportin' the famous Bentley Beanzie "50 Shades of Grey-style" Dog Tuxedo.  This pooch is clearly raising the ordinary to extraordinary.

A Cuddle Buddy for "Chippy"

Alvin and Christale of Las Vegas, NV, purchased a My Buddy BlueJay hoodie for "Chippy" and here's what they had to say: "We've always had problems shopping for our Chippy because he's so small. Being only 3 lbs, he obviously gets cold easily. Thanks to, not only did we find clothes to fit his size, we found some to perfectly fit his style too! Thanks to you guys for caring for our fur babies as your own. We'll definitely be back!" – Alvin and Christale

Christmas comes early for "Little LuLu"

Diane of Orem, Utah, bought "Little LuLu" an early Christmas gift – a Gingerbread Cookie Cherry Dark Chocolate Crochet Dog Dress! And now, "Little LuLu" is looking her best for the camera. We just hope she doesn't mistake that dress for a real cookie...


Ruggid, yet very stylish!

This happy customer found a great deal in this stylish I Ride Shotgun shirt, which is part of our popular Fast & the Furrious Dog Fashion Collection. Not everything at Frank and Beanz is pink and girlie (there's even something for the bad boys)...!