Marshmallow Ski Jacket Dog Coat- Cherries Jubilee

Frank and Beanz™ Doggie Apparel

$13.00 $20.00


Shop fashionable warm and comfortable winter dog clothes at an affordable price. Quality puffer quilted nylon dog coats perfect for fall and winter weather. Jackets come in red, blue, green, white and purple. Designed for any dog, puppy or cat.

Frank and Beanz™ Cherries Jubilee red quilted nylon puffer dog vest jacket, insulated to turn 2 scoops of rocky road into liquid.

Size   Body Length Chest Neck
XS 7" 10" 8"
S 8.5" 12" 9"
M 10" 14.5" 10"
L 11.5" 16" 11"
XL 13" 20" 13"
XXL 15" 22" 16"

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