Fast & the Furrious™ - Tokyo Ruff Dog Hoodie Shirt

Frank and Beanz™ Doggie Apparel

$17.00 $29.00


Sumo Black Hoodie

What’s going on in your hood? Be the cool cat - or in this case, dog - of your stomping grounds and walk around like it’s nobody’s business with this stylish black dog hoodie. Pop it up over your head when your ears get cold (or when your master’s boom box is too loud). There’s a reason why this is one of our best dog fashion sellers!

Size (inch) Back-Body Length     Chest Neck
XXS 6.5" 9.5" 7"
XS 7.5" 10.5" 8"
S 9" 12" 8"
M 11" 13.5" 9"
L 12" 15" 10.5"

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