Fast & the Furrious™ Classic Pink Dog Hoodie Shirt

Frank and Beanz™ Doggie Apparel

$18.00 $29.00


 So you think riding shotgun is where girls ride? Well think again. These doggie chicks have taken over the drivers seat and want to challenge any stud to a turbo-charge race. Save the floppy sun hat for a walk in the park and throw on the Fast and the Furrious cotton and snuggly, comfy dog hoodie gear for her.  Hold on to your pup purses...

Size (inch) Back-Body Length Chest Neck
XXS 6.5" 9" 6.5"
XS 6.75" 10" 6.5"
S 8.75" 13" 8.5"
M 10" 14.5" 10"
L 11" 16.5" 10.5"


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