Southern Belle Dog Shawl & Bow - Driving Ms. Daisy

Frank and Beanz Doggie Apparel

$5.00 $12.00


Driving Ms. Daisy

In a quaint little town of Savannah Georgia, three charming Southern Belle dogs get together for tea time and biscuits.

While driving Ms. Daisy, she wears a stunning deep red faux fur dog shawl tying in the front with luxurious adjustable chiffon ribbon. To keep the bouffant looking fabulous, she tops it off with a rose decorated bow,  a sure fire way to have those yankees boot scootin' down at the country club.


X-Small Collar :  11-12" / 3-4"  width

Small Collar :  12-13" / 4-4.5"  width

Large Collar: 13-14" / 4.5-5" width


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