Fast & the Furrious™ - Large & in Charge Pink Dog Tank Top Shirt

Frank and Beanz™ Doggie Apparel

$20.00 $37.00


Hubba Bubba Pink Dog Tank Top for Bigger Dogs

Go big or go home! What better way to do so than this pink colored, stylish Dog tank top shirt. The name hubba-bubba says it all. And yes, size does matter.

Frank and Beanz™ Large & in Charge line is tailored specifically for our hefty dog friends, ranging from bulldogs, pit bulls to the germans. Check out the size chart to find what best fits your favorite buddy. 

Size (inch) Back-Body Length Chest Neck
XS 17 1/2 21   14    
S 19    22     15
M 22 26    18
L 24.5 28.5 20
XL 29 32.5 22

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