Yee-Haw Henry Denim Dog Harness Jacket

Frank and Beanz Doggie Apparel

$20.00 $33.00


You never know when there will be a pup show-down and your arse needs to get in gear quick! Throw on Yee-Haw Henrys’ Denim Dog Harness Jacket. Durable denim jacket with orange trim. Grips together with velcro straps, making it fast and easy to get in grear way before McGruff can take a bite out of “CRIME.”

Size Back Body Length    Chest      Neck  
XS 6 10-12 8.5-9.5
S 6.5 12-14 9.5-10.5
M 7 14-16 10.5-11.5
L 8 16-18 11.5-12.5
XL 9 18-20 12.5-13.5

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