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**Friendly reminder to please take your dogs measurements and choose the appropriate size before ordering :)** Custom sizing is also available!

Express your gooey love for your pup with Frank and Beanz™ Berry Cherry Pupcake warm and cozy crochet dog dress. A yarn mixture of red and pink with a sparkle heart cupcake felt decal, licorice patterning around the body, red and pink buttons along with a super adorable bow in the back to finish it off. 

Warm your pups heart by giving the most adorable gift your fur baby deserves!

Frank and Beanz™ Dog Fashion takes pride and detail to all of our dog clothing.
Berry Cherry Pupcake Crochet Dog Dress is:

Made with 100% acrylic yarn.
Each are skillfully handmade with crochet technique
Made to order. Please allow up to 3 days for the creation process (Or less)
Stretchable, very warm and comfortable for your dog to move around in
Pink and polka dots buttons
Made in the USA

Note: All our crochet apparel are hand-made and may vary in size from .5 to inch .75 give or take.

Length - 8.5 inches / 23.495 cm
Chest circumference - 12.5 inches / 29.21 cm
Neck circumference - 10.5 inches / 20 cm

Length - 9.25 inches / 23.495 cm
Chest circumference - 14 inches / 33.02 cm
Neck circumference - 12 inches / 20 cm

Length - 10.75 inches / 27.305 cm
Chest circumference - 16 inches / 35.56 cm
Neck circumference - 14 inches / 33.02 cm

Length - 11.25 inches / 28.575 cm
Chest circumference - 17 inches /43.18 cm
Neck circumference - 15 inches / 12.7 cm

Length - 13 inches / 33.025 cm
Chest circumference - 19 inches /48.26 cm
Neck circumference - 16.5 inches / 41.91 cm

Custom Size
Can't find your size? We are happy to accept custom orders with the measurements of your dog. Just contact us. Special custom sizing may go up in price.

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