Sashimi Mimi Kimono Button Up Shirt

Frank and Beanz Doggie Apparel

$12.00 $25.00


Fashion police Frankie put a spin on dog clothes and brought asian influence of Tokyo, the mecca of all fashion, for all you dog fashion freaks.

Frankie goes to Tokyo, the exclusive coat collection are embroidered with asian design print, bronze vintage finish snap buttons and made with stunning red silk and satin type material. Each coat carries its own distinct personality and style from an elegant princess, a leader of the pack, an adventurous scout to a Liberace singing pooch. Which personality are you?


Size (inch) Back-Body Length Chest Neck
 XXS 6 1/2 9 1/2 8    
XS 7 1/2 10     8    
S 9     13     9    
M 10 1/2 15     10    
L 12     17     11 1/2
XL 13 1/2 18 1/2 13   

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